"This is not an apocalypse, it's an adjustment. There is still electricity. There is still the internet. There is still order. We will adapt and we will survive."-Us government


More than half of our body is made up of water. At least 71 percent of the earth is covered by it. Less than 3.5 percent of that is drinkable, that is, until a team of Russian scientists poison it by inadvertently releasing water-borne microbes into the atmosphere, soon transferred to a water table near you. Or in you.

Death is widespread and instantaneous. The world loses half its population overnight. The microbial invaders reanimate those they've killed, compelling them to hunt for the living. Anyone still alive is forced to search for what little untainted water is left, trying to outrun and outlive the ones who didn’t.

This is a story told through the viewpoint of one adult, three teenagers, and one child. They try to stick it out on their own instead of asking for help from the provident yet controlling government structure that remains. In their struggle to survive and protect the innocence of the youngest family member they stumble upon a weapon against an enemy too small to be seen.